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Capital Campaign

November 2015 Update:
Through the commitments of parishioners and friends, the Mother of God Parish purchased 8.5 acres on Cherry Hill Road and completed the exterior of the new church. The total cost of these first two phases was $1,050,000. Many donors and volunteers outside our small community have helped achieve this substantial progress to date.

The new temple reflects the style of a village Orthodox Church in Alaska or the Aleutian Islands, in recognition that the Orthodox Faith came to America through the Russian Orthodox mission to Alaska in the late eighteenth century.

Achieving the Vision

To achieve the vision of this new temple, two phases remain to be completed. We estimate that a total of $705,000 is needed for the following phases:

Phase 3: Parking Lot/Outside Work

Site Preparation: Grading, drainage, environmental considerations, irrigation, landscaping, paving of driveway and parking lot, plantings, walkways, ADA compliance, and outdoor furniture. We have a note of $200,000 secured but we need to raise approximately $60,000 for this effort.


Phase 4: Interior - Worship Space

Worship Space: Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, narthex (entrance), sanctuary, chandeliers, choir loft, bathrooms, and furnishings. Most of the plumbing, electrical and HVAC is complete. We have all necessary  funds to complete the interior.


Upon the completion of Phases 3 and 4 above, the new church can be occupied and used for the cycle of Orthodox services, as well as for Christian education and community outreach.

Future Plans:
Phase 5: Creating Fellowship Space and Enhancing the Temple

MOG InteriorMake History with Your Gift to Mother of God Orthodox Church

This exciting project offers many gift opportunities, both for outright gifts and also for pledges paid over three to five years. Gifts can be made with a variety of assets, including cash, securities, and gifts-in-kind (real estate and personal property for resale). Monthly or one-time donations can also be charged to credit cards.

All gifts to Mother of God Church and to this special campaign are fully tax-deductible.

Opportunities for donor recognition will be provided and discussed with potential donors as appropriate.

Mail donations to:
Mother of God Orthodox Church
P.O. Box 511
Rocky Hill, New Jersey 08553

Questions about donations:

Mail donations to:

Mother of God
Orthodox Church
P.O. Box 511
Rocky Hill, New Jersey 08553

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