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Capital Campaign


Capital Campaign Update 1/30/13:
We are excited to announce that we received our construction permit and plan to begin construction in February.  In addition, we have decided to update this webpage to reflect the cost related to the entire project which includes the purchase of our property, A&E and construction costs.


Our capital campaign goal is to raise $1,750,000. To date, we have raised $1,250,963 in donations and loans.  The project phases are as follows:

Phase One: $600,000 – Purchase of property (accomplished)

Phase Two: $450,000 – A&E Costs, Township fees, permits, pre-construction demolition, foundation, framing, roofing, siding, windows and doors

Phase Three: $300,000 – Parking lot, exterior lighting and

Phase Four: $400,000 – Mechanical, electric, plumbing and interior finishes

Questions about donations:


to receive updates on the MOG Church construction progress

Below describes five ways you can participate in the campaign.


Prayer & Fasting

Prayer places all of our actions within the right spiritual context. “Synergia” is the Greek word which describes our working relationship, i.e., God and man working together to accomplish His Will. “Thy Kingdom come!  Thy Will be done!” Let us pray as if everything depends upon God and let us work as if everything depends upon us!


Grass Roots Donations

These are monetary gifts affordable by a relatively large number of participants and therefore, more frequent in number. These weekly, biweekly, or monthly donations can consist of multiple payments over a period of time and can be processed by your online banking.


Big Rock Donations

These are larger monetary gifts ($25,000 or greater), but received from fewer donor opportunities.


Personal Loans

Consider making a personal loan to the church. This is a great opportunity to help build an Orthodox church in Princeton while receiving a return on your investment.  Here is how it works! Our loan instrument is essentially a 20-year mortgage with a 4% interest rate. Interest and principal will be paid by the church on a quarterly basis and lenders are provided with a mortgage schedule. Loans must meet a minimum requirement of $10,000. The interest rate can be adjusted every five years with the Parish Council's approval.


Community Service Days

Bishop Michael has announced his support of “Operation Princeton.” We will be organizing opportunities for skilled and non-skilled volunteers to join us in completing a variety of construction projects necessary for the completion of our Church.


Membership Drive

Please consider telling family and friends about Mother of God Orthodox Church and invite them to “come and see.”

(Please understand that the numbers listed are not fixed and may be adjusted as required.)


Mail donations to:

Mother of God Orthodox Church

P.O. Box 511

Rocky Hill, New Jersey 08553



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